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Find the right package for you

50Minutes.com is perfect for busy people who want to broaden their horizons and improve their general knowledge,
as well as those seeking personal and professional development.

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For individuals

50MINUTES Standard

$999per month
  • Ideal for students and freelancers
  • Access our entire catalog
  • Download 5 titles per month
  • Standard technical support

50MINUTES Premium

$1699per month
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Access our entire catalog
  • Download 20 titles per month
  • Premium technical support

For teams

50MINUTES for teams

  • Custom packages to suit your team
  • Access our entire catalog
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Premium technical support

Still need convincing? See what our readers have to say!

“A lot to consider in my own path to move my career forward. The principles in this book make sense I see a lot of this in the company I work for now.”
Kindle Customer
“Love it! ”
Rhonda G Mullins
“Concise and right to the point to understand the main bullets of freemium business model. An excellent book that will save you time and orient how to further comprehend this business model. ”

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