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How it works

Enjoyable learning
without the fuss,
on any device.

Rediscover the joy of learning

Want to broaden your knowledge but never seem to have the time? At 50Minutes.com, we understand that it can be difficult to find concise and informative books on subjects you are interested in. Our titles focus on what you really need to know, complemented by practical tips and enlightening facts, saving you time as well as making your learning experience more enjoyable.

Our straightforward style and practical format make the information easier to digest and remember, enabling you to become an expert on culture, discuss history and politics in depth or review your personal and professional development in next to no time.

Still need convincing?

“Great high level introduction to the key concepts and good starter into the topic before reading into the details of the concept.”

Goran Segrt

It provides a useful summary of the five original needs identified by Maslow.


Interesting book which can be read in 30 mins.


Every title includes:

1 Key information
2 Context
3 A basic introduction
4 An in-depth exploration of the topic
5 Sources for further reading

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