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The Long Tail Theory for Business

Understand the essentials of the long tail theory for business in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. This model is used to illustrate the distribution of a company’s turnover for all of its products, from high-demand bestsellers to niche products which only generate a low sales rate. In our new digital age, with the rise of e-commerce drastically reducing storage costs, it is now possible to generate significant turnover with low-demand products, which form the ‘tail’ […]


Book Review: The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

The Communist Manifesto is one of the most influential works of political theory ever written

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels set out their belief that human relations have always been defined by class struggle and that the capitalist system is unsustainable in the long term. According to them, a revolution of the proletariat will inevitably lead to a communist society which is ruled by the majority, for the benefit of the majority. This clear and detailed summary and […]


Book Review: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink will change the way you make snap decisions

In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell aims to explain the hidden factors that shape our unconscious decision-making, which demonstrates the powerful role played by the adaptive unconscious and illustrates how we can learn to control it. This clear and detailed summary and analysis is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to understand Gladwell’s bestselling book: it features a thorough explanation of the author’s aims, the main concepts underpinning his work, such as the process […]


Milton Friedman

Learn about the ideas of Milton Friedman in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. Friedman was a Nobel Prize-winning economist who lived through many of the most significant economic periods in the USA: he witnessed the roaring twenties, the Wall Street Crash and the Second World War. His work spans multiple domains of economics, including in particular consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and economic thought.

This book will provide you with a handy introduction to Friedman’s […]


The Balanced Scorecard

Understand the essentials of the Balanced Scorecard in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. The Balanced Scorecard is a valuable tool for strategic thinking which ensures consistency between the daily activities and overall vision of a company. Through an analysis based on the financial perspective, the customer perspective, internal business processes, and learning, growth and innovation, this highly effective management tool gives managers, employees and shareholders a comprehensive overview of the company and its performance.

This book will provide […]


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Understand the essentials of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (also known as Maslow’s pyramid of needs) in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. As its name suggests, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a representation of physiological and spiritual needs. It is a psychological model which was originally created by the American psychologists Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers in the form of various theses, which were later adapted to create a pyramid. This pyramid allows users to define […]


McKinsey 7S Framework

Understand the essentials of the McKinsey 7S Framework (also known as 7S and the 7-S Framework) in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. The 7-S Framework is an organizational diagnosis tool which represents the components of a company visually, in the form of an atom. It is used in particular in the management of medium and large enterprises, and in change management. It is a visual tool that is very easy to use and apply, which […]


The Competitive Power of the Product Lifecycle

Understand the essentials of the product lifecycle in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. The product lifecycle is a model used by the marketing and commerce sectors to optimize and develop products. It is a simple model which can be applied to a wide variety of situations in order to analyze the market and better understand the product-market relationship. In this way, companies can learn about the principle of comparative advantage and understand the life stages of their product.

This book will […]