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The Competitive Power of the Product Lifecycle

Understand the essentials of the product lifecycle in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. The product lifecycle is a model used by the marketing and commerce sectors to optimize and develop products. It is a simple model which can be applied to a wide variety of situations in order to analyze the market and better understand the product-market relationship. In this way, companies can learn about the principle of comparative advantage and understand the life stages of their product.

This book will […]


Job Seeking on Social Media

Learn how to use social media to find a job in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. Employers are increasingly looking for more information than just your CV and cover letter, and are now turning to social networks to find out more about your personality and achievements. If you know how to build an appealing profile and make yourself stand out from the crowd, sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are a powerful asset […]


The SWOT Analysis

Understand the essentials of the SWOT analysis (also known as the SWOT method) in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; these are the factors which have an impact on the growth of a business and should be taken into account when making strategic decisions and drawing up business plans. The SWOT analysis therefore allows users to identify the internal factors and external factors that are likely to […]


Porter’s Five Forces

Understand the essentials of Porter’s five forces in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. Porter’s five forces is a model which examines customer bargaining power, supplier bargaining power, the threat of substitute products, the threat of new entrants and intra-industry competition, with the aim of allowing users to anticipate industry trends and changes in the competitive environment that could pose a threat to or, alternatively, provide a new opportunity for their company.

This book will provide you with a […]