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Learn how to network effectively in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. Networking is a way of making the most of your professional contacts to further your career aims: building and maintaining a strong network will allow you to exchange knowledge and services with your fellow professionals, find out about new opportunities and attract new collaborators and clients. Whether you are embarking on a job search, looking for a promotion or simply trying to excel in your […]


Developing Your Career Strategy

Learn how to develop your career strategy in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. A well-thought-out career plan is an essential ingredient in professional success, as it will allow you to discover what matters to you in a job and find a role where you can excel. If you are stuck in a professional rut or feel that your current job simply is not right for you, a few straightforward strategies and tools will allow you to […]


Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional social network, which means that it is fast becoming an indispensable tool for savvy recruiters and employees. Whether you are using LinkedIn for networking or as part of your job search, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of the right people if you want to progress in […]


Groupon: The Online Discount Phenomenon

Groupon, founded by Andrew Mason, Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell in 2008, is an online deal marketplace that relies on word of mouth and social networking to attract users, who benefit from enormous discounts on a range of goods and services. It was created in response to the global economic crisis, and soon spread to dozens of countries around the world and inspired hundreds of imitators. In just 50 minutes, you will find out how Groupon made coupon […]


Personal Branding – Market Yourself!

Learn how to develop your personal brand in just 50 minutes with this practical and concise book. Personal branding, also known as personal marketing, is an excellent way of showcasing your skills and experience and standing out from the crowd. Marketing yourself effectively will allow you to expand your professional network, get noticed by recruiters and build your professional reputation, helping to give you the edge you need to advance in your career.

In this book, you will learn […]